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August 9, 2010 / natihell

Girls with faces that make me sad.

I’m not saying that they’re ugly, I’m saying that their faces and facial expressions induce sadness.

In first place: The girl from Fashion Snag (also known as “the blondest redhead ever)

If this picture doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, it’s because you’re probably dead. It’s a mix of the sadness-inducing-face and the working-girl-pose that makes me cringe.

In second place: Taghrid

Oh god, she looks like she’s sick…and dying. It’s too bad because I like how she dresses (most of the times) and she’s pretty, but looking at her face makes me so so sad that I can’t stay in her blog for too long. I wish she could smile… and use some blush or something.

And in third place: Denni the Chic Muse.

Ok, this girl is SAD. She’s in pain and she wants us to feel her pain. Maybe she’s sad because of the sun or maybe it’s because she has just realized how ridiculous she looks in those clothes, I don’t know…


August 9, 2010 / natihell

Oh Jane…

I’m sad.

Look at this girl… maybe she’s so poor that the only things she can afford to wear are her grandma’s sweaters and cockroaches. 😥

But seriously Jane, a cockroach? You know something is NOT OK when your (probably very expensive) jewelery comes from a trashcan.

August 3, 2010 / natihell

Because some times, you just want to look like a mom

"There is nothing like a good pair of worn-in Levi's... I just want to get rid of all my other skinny jeans and wear Levi's for the rest of my life."

Woah woah woah, Karla! Where’s the soccer ball and the kids? Are they in the minivan already?

Are this one of your favorite pair of  mom jeans? Jesus Christ…

Mom Jeans, from the SNL sketch.

August 2, 2010 / natihell

Blogs I like: Qqueen of Hearts

A lot of people think that all I do is sit around my computer hating fashion bloggers, but I don’t. Sometimes I stumble upon a fashion or fashion related blog that I really like, and Qqueen of Hearts is one of those. (I don’t understand the double Q though… why is it there?)

The girl behind this blog is named Zoë Badley and she is a journalism student and works as an intern in Trend Hunter.

She doesn’t update frequently, but that’s maybe because she studies and has a job, so I don’t think she has the time to play dress-up with mom and then sit in the computer for 3 hours editing the photos…

So, why do I like this blog?

Look at her. She’s so pretty. She looks like Amy Winehouse without the god awful,excessive make up and the drugs.

First of all, she dresses nice and doesn’t brag about the labels of her clothes. If you read her blog, you’ll notice that she doesn’t always writes what she’s wearing. Also, it’s refreshing to see a girl wearing clothes that most people can actually afford. It’s not necessary to wear over $2000 in clothes and shoes to look pretty and fashionable.

I  think she dresses way better than the girl from The Blonde Salad, who’s always wearing designer stuff and ends up looking … well… kind of boring. It’s refreshing to see a fashion blogger that’s not a label whore.

Second,  she combines her journalism work with her blog, and I like that because her blog is not a shrine to herself. She’s one of the few who actually writes something more than “oooo!! This collection is amazing and I love the details!!” or “OMG! LOOK AT THIS!! Is this insanely rad or what?!” You know what I’m talking about.

I also love the way she does her hair, it’s a good way to catch attention without looking ridiculous. Hate the rapist glasses though…

Of course, this blog has it’s downsides, like this:

“Oh and let’s not forget those caged high heels ! All I know is that my feet are literally missing out on passion and it isn’t fair.”

Yeah… well, hunny, feet can’t  literally miss anything. They are feet! Maybe you can miss out on passion, or maybe your feet can figuratively miss out on passion, but not literally, because feet don’t have minds of their own. They are feet. But, ok, I’ll let that one pass.

Also this:

Rapist glasses. Why?? God…I hate rapist glasses.  I hope she needs the glasses, because if she’s wearing them only for styling purposes, well, that would be dumb.

Anyway, I invite you to read her blog, It’s worth knowing. I don’t usually like girly girls, but I love her. I’m middle class, full-time advertising student, so it’s nice to see a girl I can relate to.


Nati Hell

PD: All pictures are property of Qqueen of Hearts.
July 31, 2010 / natihell

Because we told them they were important.

I want to take a moment to talk about something that bothered me some time ago and I just remembered about it. I would like to know your opinions aswell.

Lets see, Jane has a blog where she talks about her shoes and clothes and stuff, that’s ok. People really like it and suddenly she has this huuuge fan base, there’s nothing wrong with that either. But then, some people come over to Jane and ask her to design her very own shoe collection. WHYYY? I mean, Who is this girl? What makes her an authority in shoe design? Yes, she may like shoes a lot, that doesn’t mean she’s able to make them. There is nothing in Jane’s blog that proves that she has talent for design, and this materializes in the shoe line itself. Have you seen it?

It’s not bad. Yes, the shoes are nice. Are they original? NO. Have I seen those shes before? YES!! About a  million times! Does the fact that this Jane from Sea of Shoes designed the shoes makes them special? No no and no.

I just can’t help but feel bad for all those people who work and study hard and hope to get an opportunity like this and get their asses kicked, while on the other hand, this little random girl from the Internet gets this amazing offer just because she has a blog where she talks about how much she likes shoes.

Am I the only one who sees how stupid this is? For example, I am absolutely crazy in love with Igor Stravinsky, I have been listening to his music since I was a fetus. I know every single composition by heart. I named my dog ‘Firebird’ because of him. Does this mean that I’m capable of doing music as good as his? FUCK NO!! Should someone give me a record deal or something like that just because I really love Stravinsky? FUCK NO! You understand what I mean.

I don’t see the problem with using a well-known fashion blogger as the face for a product or a clothing line, like the case of  The Glamourai and Twelve By Twelve, or Rumi and Forever 21, and some others that I can’t remember right know.  I think it’s cool, because that way girls can relate to the brand through a person that’s familiar to them, and not just any model. There’s a difference between this and asking some blogger to do something she has no knowledge about.

I had a similar feeling when I saw the thing of Coach working with some bloggers in a collection of handbags. Maybe it didn’t bother me as much because by now, this thing of big designers working along with fashion bloggers has become a big trend, and it’s no longer surprising.

And another thing, Mom of Shoes has been experiencing some kind of cooking revelation, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I like her recipes, they are good. But what happens? Mom posts 5 recipes on her blog and suddenly  some restaurant invites her into their kitchen and give her free cooking lessons, just because. Really, like… really?!

And by the way, what’s the deal with that stupid picture of her cooking in fancy 1950’s wife clothes? It’s ok if some big time photographer wants to take pictures of her, but why cooking? Mom of Shoes isn’t widely known for her amazing culinary talent. Come on! She has been posting about food for about two weeks!! She’s known for being her daughter’s mom, and using huge animal belts, that’s it.

Come on society!! What’s wrong with us? Why do we tell this people that they are famous? It’s just like with those Kardashian people, who the fuck are they? Why are they on my TV? No matter how many times I have seen that moronic show, I still haven’t figured out who they are and what are they famous for.

We tell them they are the shit, and they become the shit. It’s a sad sad world.

July 29, 2010 / natihell

Oh my…

To the people who freaked out with my last post, here’s a little thing about how WordPress works:
When it’s the first time someone comments, they have to be approved, after that, they can comment whenever they want and it’s published immediately.
It’s a WordPress thing, not something I impose.
Please, stop with all the gibberish about me deleting comments, because I don’t. I’m so sorry I didn’t approve your comments the second you wrote it, but I’m not online 24/7.

July 29, 2010 / natihell

Fashion Like Heroin, Why?!

Have you ever seen a movie that’s terrible, stupid, you hate it, but you still want to watch it just to see how bad it can get? Well, this is what happened to me when a reader named Golden told me about Fashion Like Heroin.

This blog is terrible. It’s lame, not in an infuriating way, but in a exhausting kind of way, you know?

The name didn’t bother me much at first. She’s saying that fashion is addictive, or that fashion can make you feel good… in some twisted way, I don’t know. The name is blah, but the  ‘About me’ is gold:


Ok… so, she’s not a person, she’s a blog… cute. She writes in all caps and uses words like “baybay”. This is when I knew it was going to be a mess.

I can’t even explain to you how annoying this blog really is. I think that if Ke$ha was even more irritating and had a Tumblr, it would be something like this. First of all, her writing is painful:

“BAM: This little hoe was brought to my attn last night. ALICE POINT: MMMMazing outfit poster i wanna date exclusively. Thank god she translates into English or id be mad pissed”

(See it here)

Second, there is absolutely nothing about this blog that isn’t stupid! One of the things that annoys me the most is this Jeffrey Campbell giveaway she’s doing. There are 2 requirements to participate, one is to follow her on Facebook and Twitter and on some other pages, and the other one is this:

“Comment on this post (or any other post regarding the giveaway) telling me that you are following me AND how you would treat your shoe if you were to win, along with your shoe size. Tell me things like where you would take it to dinner, what songs you would sing to it, what kind of flowers you wold bring to it, when they could meet the parents etc. Be creative. AND raunchy 🙂

Ok… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not stupid, or use drugs, so I wouldn’t treat a shoe as a person. Also,  if I actually tried to think about how would I treat the shoe if I was dating it, it would be extremely hard for me to be raunchy, since I don’t have some weird shoe fetish… But that’s just me.

Anyway, as I said before, I hated this blog the moment I saw it, but I kept reading it just to see how bad it could get, and then I saw this:

"OOOO i mean...I wore this out of the house today ....can you say DIRTY LOOKS? i dont give a feck i love it anyways"

OOOO I mean… can you see what a crazy ass bad girl I am?! Am I DIRTY or what?! … can you say DRUGS?! HUH?! …. are you scandalized alredy?! This look is DIRTY and it’s so baaaad ass. i love it. im so badass.

Then, she posted pictures of a “photo shoot” she did with a, supposedly drunk, friend in the bathroom:

"THANKS LIZ for all the drunk photos. Model Liz Mccall Stylist ME!"

OOOOO can you see how DRUNK and badass she looks?!?!? …..we dddid the photoshoot in the bathroom so it would be really DIRTAYYY. I’M A STYLIST!!!


…. OOO and this is even more DIRTY coz this was in a ROOF TOP!!!!! it’s DIRTY and BADASS coz you can see her pantieeeees!!!

This is where I stopped. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. This must be one of the stupidest and tryhard blogs ever.

Dear Fashion Like Heroin: You’re extremely irritating. I bet you don’t do drugs, I bet you’re one of those girls, I mean, blogs (for a moment I forgot that you’re not a person, you’re a blog) that think that drugs are “cool” because Kate Moss does them. Why don’t you get a Tumblr or something?That way this would have a little bit more sense.  And why do you think that playing crackwhore dress up and taking pictures with your friend is a photo shoot?! Are you really this dumb? You’re not Moni Haworth, you know? Stop trying to be cool, you’re failing.


Nati Hell

PD: On the bright side… yeah… By the way, the pictures are property of Fashion Like Heroin.