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August 9, 2010 / natihell

Girls with faces that make me sad.

I’m not saying that they’re ugly, I’m saying that their faces and facial expressions induce sadness.

In first place: The girl from Fashion Snag (also known as “the blondest redhead ever)

If this picture doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, it’s because you’re probably dead. It’s a mix of the sadness-inducing-face and the working-girl-pose that makes me cringe.

In second place: Taghrid

Oh god, she looks like she’s sick…and dying. It’s too bad because I like how she dresses (most of the times) and she’s pretty, but looking at her face makes me so so sad that I can’t stay in her blog for too long. I wish she could smile… and use some blush or something.

And in third place: Denni the Chic Muse.

Ok, this girl is SAD. She’s in pain and she wants us to feel her pain. Maybe she’s sad because of the sun or maybe it’s because she has just realized how ridiculous she looks in those clothes, I don’t know…



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  1. Tiffany / Aug 9 2010 9:42 am

    I’m with you on this one. I don’t follow the blondest redhead at all and she seems okay to me though a little bit sad looking? I don’t follow her blog closely enough to come up with a comment.

    As for Taghrid, well, I’ve always liked her, always found her pretty, and I do really like Taghrid’s body and the fact that she dresses well for her body type. Like you, I feel like if she smilled a little, she’d be extremely gorgeous.

    As for Chic Muse, well, that’s just plain creepy. As opposed to Taghrid’s “staring off into space” photos, Chic Muse’s pose just isn’t working out for her. It’s not that she looks sad even, she looks like she’s in pain. Like aliens came to zap her or something. I know it sounds lame but frankly, that’s how her photos come across. Metaphorically sad. Does she think she looks more haute couture if she poses this way? Honestly. Is it to have a signature look (like Zoolander O_o)? It’s beyond me.

    • natihell / Aug 10 2010 1:57 am

      Hahahaha!! You’re right, PEP (Painful Expression Pose) is her Magnum.

      • Eliza / Aug 11 2010 3:12 pm

        Not PEP but backpfeifengesicht, one of those faces needing to be punched/slapped.

  2. The Raisin Girl / Aug 9 2010 2:51 pm

    Coca-Cola should sue her (Chic Muse). I mean, c’mon! You’re at the lake. You’re holding a Coke. You’re happy. I could appreciate this photo if it made some kind of ironic statement by juxtaposing traditional “happy” scenarios with unhappy people–i.e., real people–but she just uses this pose for everything. It isn’t a statement. She’s just convinced this is her best pose, and possibly is hoping someone will put another of her photos in a magazine if she just keeps using it.

  3. Erin / Aug 9 2010 4:26 pm

    check this out, you’ll love it:

    love yourblog!

    • natihell / Aug 10 2010 1:53 am

      I absolutely love her, Sister Wolf is the best : )

  4. cynthia / Aug 9 2010 9:03 pm

    Snag – nothing wrong with the face or hair just a little skanky dressing and posts WAY TOO many photos.

    Taghrid – She’s prettier with a smile and makeup ON. Without it she looks a little trailer trashy.

    ChicMuse – could the name be more pretentious!? Come off the ‘pose’ already it isn’t working it just looks SO STUPID, maybe she should rethink the blog title?/

  5. Anners Hortensia VIII / Aug 10 2010 6:24 am

    Fashion snag should change her name to Blonde Redhead (a good band actually!). She should also cease posting things like this because she looks like a GD moron.

  6. liz / Aug 11 2010 4:25 am

    ok, I have never seen taghrid’s blog before, but she’s so pretty, she looks like she belongs in some independent french or israeli film.

    fashionsnag seems like a really nice girl..and i hate to hate, but i remember she started her blog around the same time as mine, and would leave comments everywhere, i mean every single blog I read there would be a comment from her promoting her site. it was comments like “cool” or “pretty” with her url underneath. it really bugged me, but I guess it worked out for her…

  7. Andy / Aug 12 2010 6:01 am

    Is the FashionSnag supposed to be a fashion blog? No offense to her, but her last post looks like a prostitute straight up! Or like she’s auditioning to be a porn star, and they’re her polaroids or test shots.

    I love Denni, but that outfit is ridiculous.

  8. Kate / Aug 13 2010 1:06 am

    Seriously! Could not agree more! Just because a person is lucky enough to own many expensive and amazing clothing items does not mean they are a good model for those clothes!

    I like Fashion Snag’s style, but agree that she posts too many photos and that she tends to have the crazy-stare thing – like she’s trying way too hard to be a model and it’s just not working.

  9. devil / Aug 25 2010 11:39 pm

    “If this picture doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, it’s because you’re probably dead.”


    I thought she was clutching her stomach because she was hungry. Skipping meals always makes me look sad.

    I’m so glad I found this blog. It just makes me happy. 🙂

  10. Juanita Torres / Sep 5 2010 7:48 am

    What’s up w/ that Chicmuse girl? ( pretentious name, by the way).

    I bet she thinks she looks like a model, come on girl wake up you don’t even know how to strike a pose!

    And that outfit is just so freaking ridicuous and disgusting, the neon pink ,the white booties. Yucky. Oh yeah and she’s the one who labels herself a “stylist”, where did you study honey?

    And why do you hide your mexican? Chava despierrrta!

    From mexico with love.

  11. sissy / Nov 11 2010 1:13 pm

    You miss add Valentina Siragusa, she never smiles

  12. Roxanne / May 19 2011 6:59 pm

    Hahaha I love your blog.. Whatever I have read of it so far.. And I’m really scared about what you would say about mine!! Not that I post pictures of myself (although I was meaning to start soon, but now I’ll think twice!)

    Might I suggest some other blogs for you to check out??

    The Shoe girl’s blog (I love hers since I love shoes, but you are free to be a critic!)
    Street Style
    The Column of Samantha Tyler
    Perth Fashionista
    Vogue gone rogue
    The chic spot
    Bombay bubble

    I ‘follow’ all of the above..

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