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July 25, 2010 / natihell

Mom can also cook

So, apparently Mom of Shoes has grown tired of collecting godawful gigantic animal belts and playing dress up with her daughter, so she has moved forward to other recreating activities, such as decorating the house and cooking.

What do you guys think about Mom’s new hobbies? This is what I think:

Dear Mom of Shoes:

I think you’re a better cook than a stylist. Please, stick to that, because when you post recipes, you’re not as annoying as you are when you babble about your stupid belts with monkeys and beetles.

I think that the monkey popping out of my vajayjay is the best complement for the gigantic bows on my shoulders!


Nati Hell.

PS: Mom’s recipes look really good, specially the chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and the picture is property of Atlantis Home.

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  1. Sarah Khan / Jul 25 2010 9:49 pm

    haha i like the nickname “Mom of shoes”

    what about a post on luluandyourmom? you can’t forget about her!

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