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July 8, 2010 / natihell

Oh Jane…

Darling Jane recently posted about her photoshoot with some photographer that has an “infectious bubbly spirit”!

She also wore this weird Dries Van Noten dress and failed at posing without looking stupid.

This is what I use when I'm chilling in my house! What's a T-shirt?

Oh Jane, did you write “infectious” but meant “contagious”? They aren’t synonyms, you know? Stop trying to use pompous words that you don’t understand, you’re failing at it.


Nati Hell


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  1. mel / Jul 9 2010 6:32 am

    hey I got another one for you, the blonde salad. she appears to be one of those rich kids buying all this expensive stuff, but what good does it do her when she wouldn’t recognise style if it fell on her bleached head!

  2. Leia / Jul 9 2010 9:05 am

    This is so mean! I thought this post on Jane’s blog was great.

  3. Noa Adine Henriette Leijdesdorff / Jul 9 2010 10:30 pm

    Dear Nati Hell,

    I stumbled across your blog after you left a comment on mine and must say that most of the things you say are incredibly hilarious, like PEP, some of the idiotic things people say and copycat Rumi.

    But: through your blog your ONLY content is mocking others, people (no matter what they say) spend hours every day pouring all their heart and soul into their blog. So instead of anonymously pointing out everything you hate about them, why don’t you show them how it is done then? Show us what you can do and then everyone can respect your “constructive criticism” I like your idea of trying to keep it real and pointing out some things nobody else notices, but you can’t say what’s wrong if you don’t tell us whats right. In my opinion you’re allowed to mock Brains + Beauty (but maybe you really dont want to hahahaha) but then tell me (and everyone else) what we should do to improve.

    XX Noa

    • Eliza / Jul 11 2010 8:11 am

      Noa, why would it be up to Nati Hell to correct twenty-odd years of narcissism and capitalism for those who fail to “get it”? Anyone who spends hours uploading the photos their boyfriends took in front of a meadow and gushing about Jeffrey Campbell deserves the laughs.

      I like the idea of every few posts showcasing a style blog you actually enjoy — as you’ve mentioned, Kingdom of Style, maybe.

      • Anna Pei / Jul 12 2010 2:19 pm

        True. Nati already does mention redeeming characteristics of a blog she mocks if it has any, but why does she have to “show them how it’s done”? People who put themselves out there on the Internet expecting the world to be all sparkles and cookies in response to their materialism are idiots.

        I think Jane’s clothes are pretty, but her attempts to turn every set of outfit shots into an editorial complete with douchey posing, are stupid. Leave that to Rumi, honey- at least her boyfriend seems to know what to do with his camera!

  4. danielle / Jul 10 2010 11:52 pm

    fuck yes, i have been looking for a blog like for this for so long.

  5. Fashion Abecedaire / Jul 11 2010 10:17 am

    I’m glad you started this blog. Good criticism of style blog is too rare

  6. Jenna / Jul 15 2010 6:47 am

    Please, please, PLEASE do an article on WeKilledCouture ( She’s a stupid pretentious bitch and you’ll have plenty of ammo. I’ve been hating on her for ages and when I read her tweet (“actually the biggest asshole on the internet (fashion-blogger wise)“), I knew something had to be done. Love your blog Nati.

    • natihell / Jul 16 2010 5:14 am

      Hahahahaha Oh God really? I can’t belive people are getting so mad about this. Thanks for reading my blog, I’m glad that there are a lot of people like you, who don’t take this seriously and just laugh about it.

    • Designer Mistakes / Jul 16 2010 5:21 am

      She’s totally how I found this shit, so I can’t hate. Her reaction was pure hilarity though- “that’s so MEAN I thought everyone is supposed to be NICE to rich girls on the internet!!!” Nati dear, we need to get together for a beer sometime.

      • natihell / Jul 21 2010 1:44 am

        anytime : )

  7. Katie / Jul 16 2010 2:58 pm

    Love it, love it, love it. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t stand the rich-girl-fashion-blog meme.

    Do Gala Darling next!

  8. Clar / Jul 20 2010 8:35 pm

    Those words mean the exact same thing. Isn’t it kinda sad, making fun of her for not going to college, when your college degree hasn’t gotten you anywhere?

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