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July 4, 2010 / natihell

Stupid Blogging Moments

I’m not going to say that our dear fashion bloggers are not stupid most of the times, but there are some special moments charged with incredible amounts of stupidity that I just can’t let go.

Courtesy of Jane’s Sea of Pretentiousness:

I didn’t get too dressed up today-wearing a thrifted lace shirt, Miu Miu skirt, and my beloved new Chanel bow-tie booties.

You asshole. You do it on purpose, don’t you? I guess it’s not too dressed up if your shirt is thrifted. God, bitch… You’re wearing about $1500 at the least, and you call that not dressed up? Do you even know how many people you can feed with those shoes? Didn’t your mom taught you not to flaunt about your wealthyness?

"My shoe closet..."

… I guess not…

Courtsesy of some boring girl with a blog named Behind the Seams:

The other day I was passing through the kitchen and saw a newspaper advertising a bunch of killer shoes! I immediately picked it up for a closer look.
“Darn. These aren’t shoes! They’re replacement mirrors for cars! ” lol.

Lol, you’re an idiot. Your stupidity amazes me. Is not only the fact that you confuse car mirrors with shoes, but that you call them “killer” shoes. Anyone who uses “killer” as an adjective is an idiot, and everyone with a quarter of a brain knows that.

Courtesy of The Glamourai:

it is blisteringly, witheringly, searingly hot out. and it’s still only june! how will we survive this punishing summer, my friends? i so love dressing up ~ but right now, don’t want a thing touching my skin (save the skimpiest of swatches). and yet, i refuse to go anywhere near a t-shirty tank dress. i’d rather melt.

First of all, CAPITALZATION. Didn’t you learn anything in the third grade? How can you live your life flaunting about how fabulous and glamourous you are if you can’t even spell right? And also, you think people will think big of you because you wear heels and fine clothes with hot weather? No, no one will. Everybody will think you’re stupid for dressing up in inadecuate garments.

And another thing, you proclaimed yourself as “glamourous”.God… you’re dumb. Newsflash darling, a glamoursous woman is one that can wear a T-Shirt dress because the weather dictates it and still look classy and elegant, not an asshole that refuses to wear comfortable clothes because she’s afraid to lose her “glamourous” credibility.

Courtesy of one of the Beckerman Sisters:

We just had the best trip out in the Hampton’s and our Godmum who is super amazing was wearing this nail polish and we freaked out!!! Its soo turquoise and perfect for the summer we had to get it too! The color is byGreenPort by Esse! And it looks the best with three coats of it.

Where the hell is my cristal ball!?! Dammit!

OMG!!! I like totally freaked out!!! Your nailpolish is like SOOOO awesome and it’s like TOO turquoise!! It’s not just very turquoise, or just turquoise, it’s like TOO TURQUOISE!! LIKE OMG!!!! OMG OMG OMG

Dear imbecile: Anyone who freakes out about things like soo turquoise nailpolish they buy at the Hamptons is a pretentious asshole. Really? Your greatest concern is nailpolish? Fuck you. Why don’t you freak out about the fact that you look like Big Bird in that outfit?

Well, this are just a few of many moments of stupidity I’ve seen. If you have some other moments of stupidity you’d like to share, please do.


Nati Hell.


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  1. Amy / Jul 9 2010 9:49 am

    Having spent three years working in fashion, and not especially enjoying it (openly), I have to confess that I am surprised at how heinous this blog is.

    A lot of the time, I find fashion blogs a little vacuous, but most of them are not: you’re only targetting high-end fashion bloggers, and are forgetting that there are hundreds of thousands of normal girls with passion who blog and who do so without being snarky, rude or pushy about what they wear.

    I also think that, for someone with as many spelling mistakes and typos as you have in the above passage, it’s more than a little hypocritical of you to be criticising others’ spelling: grammar isn’t everyone’s forte, and, in my mind, it’s horribly wrong to tarnish all fashion bloggers with the same brush.

    I would leave a link to my blog here, the way I usually do, except that I’m afraid of the consequences; stupid and shallow of me, yes, but my blog means a lot to me, as it does to all of these girls. They may well be filthy-rich in most cases, but they’re doing something they love, and you wouldn’t be here criticising them unless they were being read, proving, to me at least, that others enjoy their work too.

    Please, consider what you’re doing.

    • natihell / Jul 10 2010 1:55 am

      Hello, ok, first of all I know that there are TONS of normal girls with fashion blogs, and I don’t write about them, because they are just like me, normal, middle class girls with a computer and access to internet. I don’t think i’ve been mean to any of those girls, so you’re basically complaining about nothing.

      Also, I’ve already said, in a previous post, that my writing skills are poor, so you’re saying nothing new. But I must admit you have a point, it’s hypocritycal of me, and I promise I won’t talk about other people’s grammar and stuff.

      And please, don’t be silly and share your blog. I do have a heart, and you’re a nice girl.

  2. The Raisin Girl / Jul 14 2010 5:22 am

    You’re wrong about one thing. Sometimes describing something as “killer” is totally appropriate. Like that song from the TV show “Doug,” called “Killer Tofu?” That was alright.

    Maybe she was planning to use her new shoes in a series of murders? Too bad they turned out to be car mirrors…

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