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June 30, 2010 / natihell

Jane must be pissed off…

You know how embarrasing it is when you go to work, or a party, or any other place and someone is wearing the exact same thing as you?

Well, imagine being a pretentious annoying blogger girl whose only raison d’être is to spende every single day of her life babbling about her personal style and her clothes (AKA: Jane). Imagine you go thrift shopping and acquiring an ugly vintage sweater dress with gold beads placed strategically near the boobs, just like this:

Now imagine finding out that another blogger girl from the other side of the world owns the exact same dress.


Jane was bitching about how that sweater didn’t fit her right and stuff… she must have been pissed of when she found out that this other girl not only has the same sweater, but she doesn’t complain about how illfitting it is, because it fits her well.


About the other girl…she has a blog called “The Blonde Salad” which I stumbled upon just today. All I can say is that she’s some rich italian girl, who dresses in designer brands and stuff like that from head to toes.

Another similarity between Italian girl and darling Jane is that they both have prosti-Barbie shoes:

Italian Girl:

Not as disgusting as Jane's, but still prosti-Barbie-ish.


I was thinking about calling her my Italian Jane, but that’s not fair with her, because, unlike stupid lame-ass Jane, this girl goes to College, has a boyfriend (who’s not gay) and has friends other than her mom.


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  1. Andy / Aug 3 2010 6:33 pm

    Calling out pretentiousness while using French phrases (when you don’t even speak french) makes you even more pretentious than the person you’re calling out.

  2. jenny / Aug 31 2010 3:48 pm

    haha!! i love your blog!

    I think it’s too funny when you take the piss out of these bloggers, its a light heartered jab at the tons of oh-so-serious fashion blogs that have sprung up.

    Keep posting please!

    p.s I’ve read some of the feedback comments that are quite mean and i hope you will not let them affect you or your blog 🙂

  3. WHYOHWHY / Sep 5 2010 9:35 am

    “All I can say is that she’s some rich italian girl, who dresses in designer brands and stuff like that from head to toes”

    Are you kidding, right? Get your facts right! Take a peek at Chiara’s blog, the only designer things she wears are purses! She is always dressed in H&M, topshop…and the list goes on. Chiara must be the most pretentious and attention whore blogger I’ve ever seen, ugh! It’s Disgusting!

    I like your blog but I think you’re being too harsh on Jane.

  4. rina / Jun 6 2011 11:25 pm

    wow you need to calm down, you think its sad that she cares so much about fashion while all you can do is obsessivly rant and freak out about it. your blog kind of sucks seeing as how u dont show any talent not even style and it frightens me….

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