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June 29, 2010 / natihell

Sea of Shoes, WHY!?

There are about a million things I could say about this pathetic blog. For starters, I think Jane is a ridiculous snob and a spoiled brat. She has no friends, no education (since she’s no longer in school) and no conception of the real world. The only thing she has is money, clothes and shoes.

...derp derp derp...

She is, by far, the most annoying person in the Internet. She disabled comments from her blog because she doesn’t like it when people don’t kiss her ass. That says a lot of her as a person, but I won’t waste any time talking about how stupid that is, because you know it’s stupid… and she nows it’s stupid.

As I said, I could talk for hours about all the things I dislike about this girl and her blog, but I’ll only talk about one. As a person who appreciates and loves art, I feel personally insulted by Jane’s last post: “Bad Art Comes From The Heart”.

Fred Beshid, curator of the Museum of Fred said, “Making art is too important to be left only to art professionals” Art made by non-professionals also happens to be a lot more charming. The naive charm of bad art will never fade for me. I’ve spent the past couple of days perusing online thrift store art galleries.

Dear Asshole: Not every idiot with a sharpie is an artist, and not every doodle on a paper is art. And what the fuck is “bad art”? Dude!! I can’t even talk about how much that infuriates me. Naive charm?? Bad fuckin art?! You should know better… but you don’t.

A few months ago, Jane posted about some coloring book for lame hipsters she had just bought. She was all horny because the stupid book gave her “challenges like ‘draw a tiny elephant walking across the dinner table’ or ‘draw a water-breathing creature on this shirt'” (Aldridge, 2010). Then she showed a picture of her pathetic little drawing:

Bitch thinks she's Basquiat...

This is offensive. I feel personally insulted by this crap.

However, she moved on and for a long while we didn’t have to see Jane’s doodles, untill today. In the words of Jane:

“It’s a good thing I love crude art so much because that’s the only kind of art I’m capable of creating…”

“I did these jeans at the tender age of fourteen.”

Dear ASSHOLE: You are not capable of creating crude art, or any other kind of art, you’re an idiot with pens, you are capable of creating shit. And by the way: Don’t think you’re some kind of prodigy child because you draw on your jeans when you were just 14 years old. At the tender age of 14 we all drew on our pants, idiot, I don’t expect you to know that, since you have cero understanding of how teenagers are, and how the world functions.

And the other thing that makes me mad to the point to want to crush her eyeballs: this bitch gets free clothes from a lot of designers and stuff just because she has a blog.

“This jacket that was sent to me by Aritzia. It’s a little too blah for my style but it’s still basically a cute jacket…the perfect candidate for a paint job!”

dear dear...

BITCH. Those fools from Aritzia are kind enough to send you a free jacket and you trash it with your shitty doodles?! FUCK YOU! You probably don’t know this, but there are poor people who could actually use that jacket, and you could have given it to freewill if you didn’t like it, but nooooo, you had to fuck it up.

You ungrateful bitch, you suck. I hope that after this post, everyone can see what anungrateful asshole you are and  stop giving you free clothes.

As an artist, I hate you.You owe me and every other artist in the world an apology. I don’t like calling myself an “artist”, but compared to Jane, I’m fuckin Salvador Dalí.

Dear Jane: Why do you suck at life so much??


Nati Hell

PD: On the bright side… I have nothing nice to say, sorry. I don’t own this pictures, not even one, they are all property of Jane Aldridge. Yes, they suck, and yes, she’s way too over her head.


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  1. The Raisin Girl / Jun 29 2010 12:40 pm

    Wow. I thought Sister Wolf over at Godammit, I’m Mad had cornered the market on hatred of Jane and her vapid, useless mother. You might have surpassed her in terms of most anger in a single post…but I think maybe she still holds the gold for her slow-burning, ongoing hatred.

    Is this sad? I see those jeans and think, “Wow, this girl was just a normal teenager a few years ago, drawing on her jeans and probably reading The Babysitters Club. What went wrong?” Couple those jeans with a montage of all the ridiculous pictures of Jane fawning over her ridiculously expensive goods, take a few choice quotes from her blog and paste them over it, and you have something seriously tragic.

    I think I might actually do that, and hang it on my wall to ward off hubris, naivete, stupidity, any number of things that come to mind when I think of Sea of Shoes.

    And finally, thanks for your comment. I’m glad I could make your boyfriend almost cry…as weird as that sounds.

  2. Anna Pei / Jun 29 2010 3:40 pm

    Also, can people PLEASE stop giving her so-called “fashion cred” on the basis of the fact that she knows the names of the Antwerp Six, Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto? An eleven-year-old with a copy of the world’s dullest fashion magazine will know those names- all she’s really getting credit for is (her mother) having the money to own stuff.
    And yeah, while she’s at it I wish she’d stop sullying the beautiful country of Japan and its immensely talented designers by association with her wannabe antics. Stop trying to be Asian, Jane. Those of us who actually are, will just keep laughing at your Texas white-girl self.

    • Jane Doe / Mar 12 2011 1:40 am

      Wow hello reverse-racism. I’ve lived in Japan for 2 years, speak Japanese and I am white. Sorry for going to a place where the color of my skin doesn’t match everyone else’s…maybe we should all go back to where we came from or something. I guess that means it’s time for you to start packing your bags.

      • Me / Jul 13 2011 1:27 pm

        Btw: you’re post was hella racist. You were trying to prove a point based off the asumption that America is a white country. You are sadly mistaken and fall into the perputal foreigner trap that a lot of people use for Asian Americans. Just putting it out there.

        Ps- there is no such thing as reverse racism. YOu should read up on it, because you, Jane doe, are sadly misinformed.

      • Anna Pei / Jul 26 2011 10:57 am

        Well, hello racism of the straight-up kind! I think it’s cool you actually studied the language and can speak it, instead of buying everything in sight in the country in question like the other Jane does in her effort to gain cred. But if you can’t tell the apparent difference between yourself and her, I have nothing else to say.

  3. Sophie / Jun 30 2010 12:49 am

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH awesome. Thank you. This blog rules.

  4. Sister Wolf / Jun 30 2010 4:23 am

    What a wonderful commentary, YES to everything you said. She is a fucking ignoramus and the “bad art” post is the perfect expression of her know-nothing pretentiousness. Rage on!!!

  5. Eliza / Jul 3 2010 3:32 am

    Jane, WHY….. if you love ankhs so much can you not spell the word?

  6. Anna Pei / Jul 3 2010 5:38 am

    And oh yeah- publicly calling a gift from a designer “blah”? Did Judy not teach Jane basic manners, i.e. don’t be rude about gifts/freebies? Being 18 and stupid doesn’t excuse everything, no matter how arty and cool you pretend to be.

    • natihell / Jul 4 2010 11:32 pm

      You know what is “blah”?? Jane’s shoe collection for Urban Outfitters (or whatever brand that was…).

      • Anna Pei / Jul 5 2010 6:16 pm

        Shit, those! They were just ripoffs of shoes by actual designers that she merely owned. Blah indeed…

  7. A.H.M / Nov 29 2010 6:37 pm

    Wow. That’s a whole lot of useless hatred directed at a girl you’ve, no doubt, ever actually met. Also, you should learn how to properly spell. Trash talking is much more effective without the constant grammar errors.

    • Lorelei / Apr 18 2011 3:38 am

      Agreed. If you are going to set about trashing someone, at least learn how to spell, and make sure your grammar is in order. It also tends to be difficult to take a critic seriously when their vocabulary doesn’t seem to extend beyond “fuck”, “bitch”, and “asshole”. A little eloquence might make a cheap, under-handed piece of public hatred a little more credible (but just barely).

    • RedHead / Nov 22 2011 10:03 am

      Right on. At least Sister’s hatred comes in well-written, properly constructed sentences as opposed to frantically typed expletive after expletive. Though at least you do acknowledge that your spelling sucks after the most inventive spelling of ‘adjectives’ I’ve seen.

      Having said this, this vile bile is strangely fascinating. It’s your blog and you can do whatever you want on it, after all.

  8. Chacha / Nov 30 2010 12:28 pm

    lol this really seems like misplaced jealousy. “I’m going to publicly and unprofessionally call a fifteen year old a bitch because she has better shoes than I do”
    Really? Thats just sad :/

  9. Julie / Dec 25 2010 9:21 am

    Just discovered your blog and I am in love. You are hilarious. Also, filed you under “Fashion Blogs” in my bookmarks. Please continue posting forever

  10. Saanam / Jan 1 2011 2:36 pm

    This really is unnecessary. I mean seriously, how old are you? 5! It’s pretty clear your jealous of her.

  11. Leah / Jan 3 2011 7:58 pm

    This judgment of Jane’s blog is unfair. As someone who loves both fashion and art, I have often taken inspiration from Jane’s unique juxtapositions of colors, patterns, and textures. Your blog seems only to provide harsh (and somewhat crude) criticism, which is easy to write and contributes nothing positive to the blogosphere. However misguided her artistic endeavors may be, Jane is attempting to create, rather than tear other people down. The focal point of her blog is not her naive scribbles, but her amazing closet. I think a daring sense of style should be celebrated in a time when most women do not know how to dress themselves.

    While I have certainly seethed with jealousy at Jane’s seemingly endless supply of designer goods, it is amazing that she has decided to share what she has with the world. Obviously it would be nice if she donated these clothes to people who have none, or better yet if she auctioned off everything she had and gave the proceeds to child prostitutes in India, but let he who is without sin cast the first sin. I doubt you are any closer to putting whatever small fame or fortune this mildly entertaining forum of hate has benefitted you toward anything good. So lay off.

    Whoever made the comment about the rash of spelling errors in this blog is dead on. Most computers automatically underline misspellings, so there is really no excuse. Additionally, these proofreading errors undermine your credibility. You seem to have a decent readership, and I would think that you respect them enough to serve up something that is at least professional and well-written. However, that is apparently too much to ask.

  12. Raiyk / Jan 7 2011 6:00 pm

    “For always, there will be greater and lesser persons than you are.”
    Fortunately for Jane, she is privileged enough for the things that a lot of people do not enjoy. I, too, sometimes do not like what she posts; but I just shrug it off. It is her choice. It is her blog. She can post whatever she wants and if you do not like what she posts, then do not visit her blog. Simple.
    What you feel towards her is understandable. You are human but being human is never an excuse to humiliate and to speak bad things about her, much more, let the whole world know the negative things about her.

  13. Kristen / Jan 8 2011 8:21 pm

    I recently found this spectacular quote about how intelligent, educated people discuss different things/issues etc, whereas vacuous, uneducated people gossip about other people. And Nati Hell, or whoever you are, you are a perfect example of the latter. Not meaning to toot my own horn, but I graduated from a prestigious school studying pharmacology and art history, and I strongly suggest you take a couple of art history courses. How many revolutionary artists emulated children for their ability to produce naive, unconditioned art? Picasso, the Bauhaus artists, Warhol, as well as Salvador Dali. Maybe you have not seen some of Dali’s earlier works, but if they were shown to you and you were told they were painted by Jane Aldridge, you would also call them “fucking crap” because you have such a narrow appreciation of art.

    Leah, I couldn’t agree more with your comment.

  14. James / Jan 11 2011 7:52 pm

    God, was i happy to finally see someone characterize Sea of Shoes as it really is and not kissing Jane’s ass. It actually makes me sad to see all the comments criticizing your post about her–when did having limitless money and being spoiled beyond all reason become criteria for fashion credibility?! How could you possibly find her blog “inspirational?” She doesn’t know how to do anything. From what I can tell she has personal shoppers at upper-end stores who pick things for her, access to HER MOTHER’S collection of vintage clothes/shoes, and pathetic, ass-kissing designers sending her things. It’s incomprehensible to me. She has virtually nothing to do with what she acquires–she doesn’t pay for any of it, and seems to actually “choose” very little of it–and yet she’s touted as a fashion genius. It’s repugnant. I’m sure it’s been said before, but if you give 100 people the kind of money and resources she has and a healthy dose of self-obsession, you’d end up with at least 50 of her blog. I honestly think her mother should be held accountable for creating such a terrible human being–isn’t a mother’s job to prepare her children to have a life and independence? I hope she marries her little brat off to a rich man, because she sure as hell won’t be working to earn her living. Maybe one day someone will do what her mother should have and explain that there are many, many people who suffer for lack of what one pair of her shoes costs. Maybe they’ll also tell her that creativity doesn’t require money. In fact having too much money seems to stifle it.

    Spelling errors aside, you’ve got it absolutely right about the unoriginal little hack. She represents to me literally everything that could go wrong in raising a child.

    Come on, people. Why not seek inspiration from people with some creativity to offer, and a perspective that doesn’t necessitate being the richest of the rich? You’re much better off following someone like Tricia Royal and her genius wardrobe_remix on flicker–hundreds of people making the absolute most of their looks with next to no money. Real creativity, not the kind your mama buys for you.

  15. brianna / Jan 13 2011 12:32 am

    you have so much anger….leave jane alone

  16. BP / Jan 16 2011 4:05 am

    As soon as I read, “but I won’t waste any time talking about how stupid that is, because you know it’s stupid… and she nows it’s stupid,” I had to stop reading. How can you rant about someone else being stupid and have a typo in the same sentence? Please proof-read next time.

  17. laura / Jan 25 2011 11:06 pm

    Oh My God. What I really do not understand is why some people feel the need to publicly criticise others. Who actually cares if this girl has a lot of money and she has nice things? If I had the nice things that she has then I would love to show them off, she doesn’t appear to brag about what she has, but just showing what she has, as one person mentions, you don’t like her blog? Don’t bloody read it! Behind every single comment such as some of the ones above, lies some form of jealousy. Who actually CARES if she has these things? That is her life let her live it and stop bloody complaining! Yes she might get these things because of her mother, but behind every young girl with a lot of money lies a parent who fucking worked their tits off to get it. Would you honestly not have lots of nice things if your parents had lots of money? You would be spoilt from birth and if you are brought up that way you wouldn’t know any different. That doesn’t make you a bad person unless you really are a bad person, and having lots of nice, expensive things does not make you a bad person.
    So please, get over yourselves, stop getting so jealous, or maybe work a little harder so you could buy these nice things that you so clearly want and therefore stop taking out your anger on some other girl!

  18. Anne / Feb 2 2011 12:57 am

    Everything you say is spot on! Jane is totally in love with herself,thinks shes gorgeous but actually shes the very type men DO NOT find attractive, yet she seems to play at being a supermodel, she is sooooo not sexy, interesting or attractive. But you let yourself down with the spelling!!!!

    • em / Apr 6 2011 11:32 pm

      You seem incredibly jealous and insecure by stating she is the “very type men do not find attractive.” It is highly ignorant to classify her looks as the type ALL men find unnatractive. I also don’t understand what you would consider interesting if you can say that attending fashion weeks around the world and having a gown created for you by Karl Lagerfeld to wear at the Crillon Ball not…

  19. shawna / Feb 8 2011 5:01 am

    Who are you to tell anyone what they consider to be art, or inspirational for that matter? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and you have made yours clear but some things should be kept to yourself. The only thing you have done is made yourself appear childish and filled with jealousy.

  20. caped crusaders / Feb 15 2011 10:11 pm

    Dear ARSEHOLE as you so like to throw the word about, and before you correct me I’m typing this from a little place called London. You probably haven’t heard of it due to your clear narrow minded vision. I just stumbled accross your blog and yes i’m laughing but no it’s not at Jane’s expense but at yours. I have never seen so much clear jealously in one blog. It’s funny how you say you can’t be bothered to write anymore on this matter yet have taken the time to dedicate an entire post to this girl. She must be very flattered at the time and effort you have put into this, however along with many of the other people posting here I agree your vocabulary and general poor grammer is offensive to me. I believe the world is a free one so i’m not too sure who is forcing you to view Jane’s blog religiously everyday (obviously) but if this isn’t the case then perhaps cast your eyes elsewhere possibly on the leaflet at your local GP as I think some professional help along with some gentle therapy may be just up your street. That way you can vent this clear hatred to someone who is paid to listen and not litter the internet with your ridiculous rants. Wishing you all the best for your future. Love from THE CAPED CRUSADERS xxxxxxxx

  21. Betty B / Feb 16 2011 9:56 pm

    Jerk! Nothing constructive in this post that looks like it was written by a 4 yr old. The thing about this sort of hate is that the only person it hurts is you… have fun wallowing in your hate ridden cess pool of a life.

  22. jen / Feb 28 2011 12:46 am

    Someone needs to take a xanax. Just a blog written by a girl. It’s not like she’s committing genocide or murdered your pet dog. I’m a student with student loans and part of the middle class, but I enjoy seeing the opulence and material beauty in the blog photos.

  23. fdsfk / Mar 7 2011 2:15 am

    it makes me sad that you don’t agree with my idea that anything that is created can be considered art 😦 especially coming from an artist 😦

  24. emily / Mar 7 2011 11:28 pm

    It’s comical that you can mock these blogs although they are in fact a large part of the fashion industry. What point are you trying to make, really? That these fashion blog icons are inferior to you, a satirist of something much so bigger than your insignificant rant of jealousy? And just for the record, fashion is a form of expression. You wouldn’t go around saying one type of art is ugly just because your opinion of another is higher. Fashion is based on the same premise. You being a self-proclaimed ‘artist,’ should know this. Also, I was wondering why you read these blogs, obviously with dedication since you have something to say about nearly every post from every blogger, when you claim to hate them with such a passion? People who act against fashion, fear fashion. So, because you are scared or insecure, you put it down. I guarantee you would never have the courage to dress or even ability to imagine the things these people put together. Have fun at K-Mart, or Walmart, or wherever it is you shop, because you are so much better than this..

  25. lila / Mar 8 2011 2:52 am

    Cursing a 16 year old out for the fact that she finds art on a different view. Dude, seriously? ha! If you are too affected about her blog and I mean that post was not like one of her firts, then why bother visiting her blog? For all we know, you yourself is too intrigued about what new designer shoes she has. 😉 This blog is way too below the belt. Yes she was born rich and her mother buys her stuff that not any normal girl could ever have. However, ranting about her wearing those Miu Miu, Prada, Channel while a lot of people are starving is like too childish. Do you spare a penny for them? She’s not the only rich kid in this world. You have Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton who were rich and all but they were never obliged to donate to the less fortunate. Let her deal with he own blog, it’s her page, her right.

  26. Tamsin / Mar 11 2011 1:12 am

    Eh… grow up and find something better to do. No one is forcing you to read her blog so why bother dragging it through the bushes? You know how it goes, if you have nothing nice to say…

  27. dishgld g / Mar 15 2011 11:07 pm

    Okay, yes, the “blah” was snobby.
    yes, she’s f*cking rich, and gets free clothes.
    yes, sharpie art*eeeezts* are anoying as f*ck.
    yes, this blog post was actually amusing to me (in a good way),
    and yes, I am a Jane fan who obsesses over her blog on a day-to-day basis.

    But that’s a little harsh. It’s like “b!tch got $$, imma trash yo bloqq”
    Admittedly her mother’s previous job HAS influenced her greatly; however if you look past that, she’s a normal teenager with self-confidence, or lack thereof. Chill.

  28. Ana / Mar 16 2011 7:37 pm

    wooow you really are a troll and a hater!!!
    took you a lot of time critizizing and gathering all this info, I you hate her so much stop watching and stop quoting everything she says.
    the nice thing about the web is that we get to choose what we watch and what we don´t……

  29. Ana / Mar 17 2011 5:51 am

    Woooow u really aré a troll and a serious hater, if you dislike her so much ….. Why spend so Many time watching reading and quoting her…… The good thing about the Internet is you can choose wether to watch or not a million please do so and respect others stop critizizing that foro sure doesn’t make you any better than her…….

  30. skeptical / Apr 20 2011 3:58 am

    I have to agree on many points, I have a look at Jane’s blog regularly, as she does provide an easy to digest connection between the runway and what is getting out into popular culture. However I often find sea of shoes very narcissistic. Particularly when she posts multiple photographs of herself in an outfit.

    Her posts about ‘naive’ or ‘child-like’ art also made me a little uncomfortable. In the same way that that white cultures obsessed with ‘primitive’ art when it began to filter into europe, Jane seems to make this kind of art ‘in vogue’ with out really trying to understand it or talk about why she is drawn to it.

    I guess she is coming from a very privileged position where she is constantly surrounded by beautifully crafted objects, good design and access to much knowledge and technology. When she drew her readers attention to these kind of creations, it seemed very patronizing. I wish she had engaged a little better. Maybe if she decided to study again it would help.

  31. Gioia / Apr 21 2011 1:15 am

    Wow… Bitter much? It is plain as day that you’re obscenely jealous of Jane and her mother… What is your point exactly? That she should not wear her shoes or she should not give her opinions or put up pictures? It is a FREE country…Seriously, your rant reeks of jealousy so much that I can practically smell it emitting form my computer… Whoever you are… like Eminem said “If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothing!!!”

  32. tuff / Apr 23 2011 9:26 am

    damn it must suck to be poor and jealous

  33. grow up / May 10 2011 7:47 am

    So much hatred smh why don’t you use the energy to improve your life and gain some of the things you envy. Do you think the extent of your hatred makes her any poorer or uglier? A lot of people in this world will have more money than you (that is what it comes down to right?) deal with it.

  34. itsalexkim / Jun 3 2011 2:07 pm

    Just because you have a lot of money and a lot of clothes doesn’t mean you have good style. Jane wouldn’t be famous if all she had was a closet full of designer duds and didn’t know how to wear them.

  35. belchic / Jun 11 2011 4:12 am

    i myself have a fashion blog. i got the idea of having one because i though i would be amazing to do something i love. i believe Jane is incredible…. i don’t own any designer stuff or anything expensive. i get my stuff from yard sales and cheap places and i do the same! show what have with the world! we all have our point of view from this.. some hate her some lover her… i love her.. and i have to admit i am totally jealous of her but what can i do this is life and everyone hates! but i love her and she has an amazing sense of style that is hard to really find in people… i mean if you don’t like her just don’t look at her stuff!!! easy as that!!

  36. Anonymouse / Jul 28 2011 5:45 am

    Lol. I love all the comments accusing you of jealousy, just because you’re not some Jane sycophant! It’s hilarious and undoubtedly incorrect. Like, you couldn’t possibly dislike this “fashion” blog or it’s author based on it’s pretentiousness, etc.

    Sure, I think that some of the style/aesthetics presented on “sea of shoes” ain’t THAT bad, but it’s terribly entertaining to see you ripping it apart anyhow. I’ve always thought that designer clothing is for those who have no sense of style of their own, and need to pay someone else to have style for them. Jane is certainly a prime example of this; And conspicuous consumption is sooo obnoxious. So, rip-on!

    To Tuff (above): It must suck to be unable to capitalize and punctuate; Having everyone think you’re slightly retarded. Perhaps you should try an adult education course. Can’t hurt, right? 🙂

  37. Norah / Aug 1 2011 4:58 pm

    “I think a daring sense of style should be celebrated in a time when most women do not know how to dress themselves.”

    Really Leah? Most women I know are doing just fine and don’t need judgemental pricks such as yourself to define what constitutes good style. Jane is just a wannabe hipster with a credit card who tries really really hard to be unique but in reality is like any other woman I know. She is pretentious and her clothes are not all that enviable.

  38. April Ahern / Aug 18 2011 9:41 am


    First off, Jane buys almost everything second-hand, but, beyond this, she has true talent.
    In fact, I am quite impressed with Jane in most every way. Sure, she has professional-esque photos taken of her, but don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. If you are to be jealous of Jane for anything, be jealous of her discerning eye. Jane sees texture, color and design in new ways everyday and stretches our imagination with her original pairings. In (very) short, Jane makes the old new again- the very mark of any great creative force. Jane is current with her fashion expression but refreshingly orignial, which is why she’s won so many talented fashion hearts.

  39. emilylouboutin / Aug 19 2011 7:37 am
    It’s no wonder these Christian Louboutin pumps are selling out so fast, who knew purple looked so good with red? It’s not a color combination I would have chosen, but it works. Really, any color looks good with red, as long as it’s the red from Louboutin’s signature sole.

  40. emilylouboutin / Aug 19 2011 7:37 am
    It’s no wonder these Christian Louboutin pumps are selling out so fast, who knew purple looked so good with red? It’s not a color combination I would have chosen, but it works. Really, any color looks good with red, as long as it’s the red from Louboutin’s signature sole.

  41. Jessie / Oct 26 2011 11:10 am

    I actually fucking love you right now.
    So, so, so well said.

  42. mireille / Jan 4 2012 7:35 am

    We all have our preferences. If you dislike Jane, then don’t pay attention to her. Don’t even blog about her! And may I correct your notion that Jane has money. Please remember that all those designer shoes and clothes are given to her FREE as an advertisement. I will not elaborate how this works. You should do your own research.

    By the way, how come everything in your blog have bad words? Go see a shrink. You have a BIG PROBLEM.

  43. April Ahern / Apr 2 2012 10:43 am

    I’m over it. I’m just SO over it. What am I fed up with? Women being negative towards other women. Let’s encourage one another, praise one another, and lift one another up. Its always makes a beautiful woman that much more beautiful when she can appreciate the interior and exterior beauty of another woman. Let’s set an example for our future daughters.

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