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June 28, 2010 / natihell

Beckerman Bite Plate, Why?!

Although I found this blog a long time ago, I don’t really know a lot about the girls who write Beckerman Bite Plate because, well, they bore me to death. Here’s what I know about them: they are sisters, they are blonde, they like to dress the weirdest that they can and they love to buy expensive designer articles that look extremely cheap and tacky, such as:

Chanel Gladiator Sandals that make her legs look like ham:


Clown bag… I mean… Chanel vintage bag:

This bag is so fierce, they designed it while being on acid!

Marc Jacobs pants that I wouldn’t hate if they weren’t Marc Jacobs and didn’t cost over $100:

No, I didn't buy them at the trift store...

And this god-awful, horrendous, disgusting Prada “Chandalier mules” that a lot of bloggers have been going crazy about, for apparently no other reason than it says “Prada” on the tag.

I don't like the bag either.

This girls confuse me. I don’t know wether to hate them or admire them. I mean, it takes guts to go out of the house looking like this:

Where the hell is my crystal ball?! Dammit!

It looks bad… and weird… she looks like a crazy old lady stuck in the 70’s that’s missing her cat. It’s hideous, but it’s also her “personal style”, and that confuses me. Is she allowed to get away with that because she has a blog it’s her “personal style”?  I think she shouldn’t. It’s one thing to dress the way you want to, and another one to want to dress like crap.

One of the comments of that picture was:



WTH?!  Would it still be “FIERCENESSSS!!!!” if another person was wearing that? Come on…

Ok, as I was saying before, I hate it when people wear tacky stuff and other people go all crazy about  that just because it has a designer tag. Like this:

I can’t think of any trendy fashion blogger who would wear those hideous flip flops. I can’t think of any sane woman that would wear those flip flops!!! This are not acceptable unless you are 5 years old, or younger. I mean, look at this shit:

They are ugly as fuck, at least they aren’t made out of some disgusting material…like rubber. Would you imagine if these flip flops where made out of rubber? That would be extra tacky and extra disgusting. There’s no way in hell some edgy “FIERCENESSSS!!!!” trendy blogger would wear that. Oh… wait a second…

Chanel Jelly Flip Flops

That’s it… I give up. I can deal with the clown chanel bag. I can deal with the crazy psychic outfit, but this flip flops are just too much. Would she even look at that shit if it wasn’t Chanel?!?!

Dear Beckerman Girls: Why did you buy those disgusting flip flops?! Do you actually think they’re pretty? And why do you dress that way?! I know it’s your personal style and that’s ok but you’re just trying too hard. You girls are pretty, but, judging by the way you dress, you’re also lame and dumb.


Nati Hell.

PD: On the other side, I like the fact that they buy a lot of their stuff in trift stores and places like that, because it proves that they are not total brand snobs. Oh, and by the way: All of the pictures are property of the Beckerman Girls, except the ones of the brandless flip flops, I found those on Google. I would never ever claim property of those pics because, well, they suck.


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  1. The Raisin Girl / Jun 29 2010 12:50 pm

    Okay, I’m guilty of owning a pair of rubber flip-flops. But! I own them because I live in Georgia, and it’s July (aka 95 degrees on a cool day), and foam or plastic flip-flops tend to wear down really fast and fall apart. Oh, and I’m a poor college student, so nicer materials like a cork or wood-bottomed flip-flop cost more than $5 and are out of the question.

    Of course, since I didn’t buy them from Chanel (who knew Chanel even had tacky crap like this?), and since I’m not claiming that they’re just THE thing and an element of my personal style, maybe they’re mitigated somewhat.

    Oh…and since I don’t go out wearing crushed velvet rejects from my grandmother’s collection of Halloween costumes. You know. That helps.

  2. Sister Wolf / Jun 30 2010 4:27 am

    HAHAHA, what ugly trampy girls! Almost too tragic to make fun of. But not quite.

  3. chanapollack / Jan 16 2011 12:48 am

    They are from a wealthy background and can look trampy.

  4. glenn / Aug 8 2011 8:11 pm

    oh my i’m addicted to your posts haha. that “where is my crystal ball” picture is really a hit.

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